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Flying Over The Great Blue Hole


The Blue Hole charter departs San Pedro Airstrip, flying over or near Caye Caulker, Long Caye, St. George’s Caye, West Turneffe, Central Lagoon, Blackbird Caye, West lighthouse Reef, Halfmoon Caye, then over the Great Blue Hole followed by Northern Two Caye, North Ambergris, Rocky Point, the Ambergris Caye Coast and drop off at Belize International Airport.


  • Total flight time 1:15 minutes
  • 182 CESSNA – 3 Seater Aircraft: US $850.00
  • AIRVAN – 5 Seater Aircraft: US $1,050.00
  • CARAVAN – 11 Seater Aircraft: US $2800.00
  • Add US $2.50 per person Riders Fee


helicopter_flying-over-the-great-blue-holeAfter leaving La Beliza Island Resort, the flight takes you over mainland and directly into the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. The first view is the reef followed by Gallows Pt. You will then fly over Turneffe Island, the largest of the tree Atolls located in Belize stretching 30 miles long and 10 miles wide. The adventure continues as you venture into the open ocean continuing south-east heading towards the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, beyond the barrier reef en route to The Great Blue Hole.

You will first enter the Lighthouse Reef Atoll on the southern end and fly over Long Caye and Half Moon Caye natural Monument. You will then fly inside the Lighthouse Reef heading north to the Great Blue Hole. This spectacular hole is the largest ocean sinkhole in the world, created by a collapsed underground cavern, hence giving the appearance of a dark blue circle amidst the turquoise sea. The Blue Hole measures 1,000 ft in diameter and 460 ft in depth. It is located approximately 60 miles west from Belize City.

After flying over the Blue Hole, we head back to Turneffe Islands and then the main reef on your way to your final Destination, Belize International Airport.

helicopter  PRICE: Bell 206 Jet Ranger US $2,499 for 4 passengers

  • 625 LBS Maximum weight (pax + luggage)
  • Excess luggage will be transferred via local airline for an additional US $60
  • Total flight time 1:15 minutes
  • Rate is from La Beliza Resort, fly over Blue Hole and Dropoff at Belize International Airport