La Beliza Resort - Belize Zoo

Belize Zoo

This remarkable zoo set amid 29 acres of tropical savannah showcases 45 species native to Belize…harpy eagle, howler monkey, toucan, macaw, jaguar, ocelot, river otter, tapir, and more. Founded in 1983 as a refuge for wild animals that had been used in making documentary films, the zoo has grown to a thriving visitor highlight and education center, truly a don’t-miss experience for those wanting an up-close look at the amazing creatures that populate this vibrant quadrant of Central America.

(Tour by Boat)
Price per Person
Altun Ha  $   150.00
Xunantunich $   175.00
Lamanai $   175.00
Belize Zoo $   150.00
Cave Tubing $   150.00
Cave & Zip Lining $  225.00
Cave & Xunantunich $  225.00
Cave & Altun Ha $  225.00
Cave, Zip & Altun Ha $  250.00
Cave, Zip & Belize Zoo $  250.00
All Prices are in US Dollars and excludes 12.5% GST.